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The Weadley and Dalton Families of York, South Africa and the USA

This used to be a family history of a 4*Great grandmother, Mary Ann Weadley, born 1809 in York, Yorkshire, England. Now it is more extensive, because of two reasons:

1) More Weadley's have been added, and more loose ends hav been tied up, but
2) Because the Dalton family of York, who marry twice into the Weadley family has grown quite considerably. One of them in particular, George Dalton, born 1834, son of Christopher Dalton, and Milcah Lownsborough, emmigrated to South Africa, and had between his 3 wives, 14 children. These have produced many descendants, only a few of whom I have put on here because of privacy reasons. No one is included who was born after 1905, even if they are deceased, unless permission is granted.

If you are looking for the old Weadley family tree, then it is not here, I have replaced it with this more up to date file.
If you have anything to add, or correct, please let me know, I will try to get around to it quickly.
Enjoy searching :)
Brian 5 Feb 2005

7 Feb 2005: 23:55 It has been brought to my attention that Elizabeth Natlia Dalton was actually called Natlia Elizabeth Dalton. I have made the necessary corrections, including the GEDcom file, so if you have already downloaded it, please do so again, so that you can benefit fullt from the corrections.

6 Feb 2005: It has been brought to my attention that Ross Milcah Dalton is actually a girl, Rose Milcah Dalton, so I have corrected all instances I can find of her reference, and I have more importantly also corrected the GEDcom file which you can download for this family tree.

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