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The will of George Wallis M.D. born 1738 At York
George was the son of Edward Wallis M.D., by his wife Anna Maria; and husband of Ann Perritt.

Edward Wallis Died 17 Oct 1782 aged 73
This is the will of Edward Wallis M.D. of York, who is related in a minor way to the Hutchenson/Hearon families who are connected to the Bulmer Family of York.

Andrew Bulmer Died 26 Aug 1883 at York
This is the will of Andrew Bulmer who was born in York in 1812, the son of Andrew Bulmer and Elizabeth Miller, and died in York 26 Aug 1883. Andrew along with his wife and sons ran a Brick and Tile making business based in Layerthorpe, York, and then later in Haxby just a few miles north of York.

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This is the Will of Francis Bulmer Snr He was Born 1746 in York, and died in April 1835. He is the great uncle of the above Andrew Bulmer, and Brother of Samuel Bulmer below.

This is the Will of Samuel Bulmer, Brass Founder and Caster of Walmgate, York. He was born about 1730 if his age at death is correct (74 years in 1804) though I have never come across a Christening for him. His parents married in 1735, so I am stuck on this point. He is the Grandfather of Andrew Bulmer, Brick and Tile Maker, of York, and the Brother of Francis Bulmer above. Samuel is my 6th Great Grandfather

This is the Will of George Salmon, of Long St, Easginwold He is my 3*Great Grandfather, and was a Gamekeeper earlier in his life. I am not sure if this was still his occupation when he died.

The will of Ann Weadley, Of Neswick, in the parish of Bainton. She died in Dec 1728, the fourth wife of Joseph Weadley, Of Millington. Joseph is my 9th Great Grandfather. I descend from his first wife.

This is the will of my 7th great grandfather Henry Weadley, Baker, of Goodramgate, York.

This is the will of my 10th great grandfather Henry Weadley, Vicar of Givendale and Millington

This is a copy of a sale of property between John Weadley, of Millington, and Henry Hudson, also of Millington>

I would like to be able to scan this document, but the copy I have is on two very large A1 size pieces of paper, and I simply do not have a scanner suitable to be able to scan it. I had some difficulty deciphering some of the words, and as there is no grammar, I have added my own commas and full stops, which may help or hinder the correct meaning of the sentances. If anyone knows better how the wording ought to have been laid out, please get in touch with me. I may be able to scan parts of the document, and maybe even fit the images together in one larger image, but that may take some time achieving, so please check back in a while. [5 Sep 2002]

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