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Ancestors & Relations of Brian Dickinson

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Ancestors & Relations of Tom Lolley born 9 May 1889 Elvington, Yorkshire, England

4 Oct 2016: Last week I was able to discover on Ancestry.com.au; through a cousin, Colin Holmes, a Picture of my Great Grandfather, Tom Lolley which is displayed below :) It is a wonderful feeling to finally have a photograph of him, as I have never even heard of any pictures of him, so I have made extra effort to get the picture on to the various websites where his tree is to be found.

This is the web page for one of my Great Grandfathers, Tom Lolley, who was born 9 May 1889 at Elvington Near York. The name of Lolley is quite rare (Apart from pockets in other areas of the country which so far I have not found a connection to), yet common in the area of York, Selby, Aughton, Bubwith, Naburn and Hemingbrough. There are two major line of Lolleys in my tree that I have discovered so far. They both meet up in the marriage of a George Lolley to Ann Lolley in 1863 at York. I have traced, correctly I hope, both lines back to the 1680's or earlier, but I cannot find a connection between their ancestors. Admittedly I might have made some mistakes, but I will be quite willing to change the family structures with sufficient proof that I am wrong. I do believe that there are likely to be records I have not yet come across which might help fill in the gaps I cannot currently fill in, but I have not come across them yet. Please email me if you have any more information for me, I would appreciate it. :)
There are some other Lolley families which are included, which do not connect to these two main lines that I have mentioned. It may well be that there is a connection, but I simply am not aware of it as yet, so if you come across a line which just stops, and you know who the parents are etc, please get in touch so that I can update my records, and this site accordingly.

Brian 24 Oct 2016

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