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Ancestors & Relations of Brian Dickinson
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Ancestors & Relations of Luke Bulmer born 1824 in Rillington, Yorkshire, England

7 May 2006: Here is a small pedigree of Luker Bulmer of Rillington, and his ancestry and relations down to about 1900. They do not fit into the Main Bulmer File which can also be found on this site, though it should not be too hard to find a link as it goes back to the 1560's, and surely there would not be that many William Bulmer's around then. However, I have not managed to find a link as yet, but hopefully it will turn up one day. Luke did marry (twice) and have children, but I shall leave them out of the file for now.
If you know any more about Luke, or the other people on this file, especially if you have pictures, or information from wills etc, and are willing to shre them, then please email me.

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