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Ancestors & Relations of James Leaf born 1853 Brompton By Sawdon, Yorks, England

17 Nov 2004: This is an update of the Leaf family tree, with more branches and twigs attached, and with the likelihood of more roots been added in the next month or so, so keep checking to see how the tree is growing :)

14 Nov 2004: I have recently been informed of some errors in the Beswick Family, which is also related to this Leaf Family. The Beswick family have not so far been included in this smaller Leaf family pedigree but can be found within the main pedigree. Once I have got the corrections sorted out, I will update the main tree, and this Leaf Pedigree as well. It is probable that as I start to add smaller Branches of my tree to this site, that I will remove those said branches out of the Main tree below, and so avoid duplication of names, and hence I will have to spend less time uploading corrections as I am made aware of errors etc. Please bear with me about this. Thanks. Happy searching.

7 Nov 2004: I have made a few corrections to this pedigree which were brought to my attention by Nicola Leaf. I have yet to make the changes to the GEDcom file, but here are the changes summarised:

The death date and place of Daisy Leaf born 1887 are now correct

The notes associated with this same Daisy Leaf and now correct.

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