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Ancestors & Relations of Elsie Bentall Born 21 Sep 1889 at York, Yorkshire, England

Photo of My Great Grandmother taken about 1912 or so.

28 Mar 2005: This site is predominantly about the Bentall family. They are a family that has been documented back to 1100 or so. Similar to the Bulmer family in that they arrived about the time of William the conquerer, the Bentall family settled down in Shropshire, and over the centuries spread out towards London. Those that stayed in the Shropshire area decided to spell their name with the additional 'h'. Essex has a large concentration of Bentalls. Some moved over to the USA and Canada. This line has been well documented by many researchers, and over at Benthall Hall in Shropshire, James Benthall has put together a very large pedigree with as many people as he can link to the Main root of the tree.

Benthall Hall, Shropshire

Permission to use the above picture of Benthall Hall given by Paul & Sabine Hutchinson.
(c) Photograph by Sabine Hutchinson www.virtual-shropshire.co.uk

Sadly, however, this pedigree of Bentalls does not, as yet, fit on to the main tree, and so is not featured at Benthall Hall as far as I know. James Benthall certainly knows about it, but we are stuck so far as to how they fit in. If anyone out there can find evidence to advance the lineage of this Bentall line I would be grateful to hear about it, as would many others who are researching this line. The line stops about 1756 with a John Bentall who marrieed Margaret Brewer [The Brewer line also stops about then, though there are quite a few Brewers around the surrounding villages, so a connection should be possible to find]. Enjoy searching :)

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