The Will of Henry Weadley, Vicar of Givendale with Millington who died 1656. JUNE THE THIRTEENTH ONE THOUSAND six hundred & fifty six In the name og God Amen. I Henery Weadley of Givendale, Minister [sirbr] in bodie but of perfect memorie, praises be [to] God, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as forthwith [sizt]: First, I commit souls into the hands of Almighty [hop?] amen through merits of Jesus Christ. God made partaker of eternal life and my bodie to be buried in the parish church of Givendale Imprimis. I give unto my wife my house att the aspain and all the appurtenances & belongings into it with two oxgangs of land during her natural life, payemat [payment?] unto my son John Weadley forty pounds out of the said farm when he shall accomplish the age of one and twenty years. And after her decease to [----] to my son Joseph and his heirs for ever. [---]I give to my daughter Barbara Twenty Pounds. [---] I give to my daughter Mary twenty pounds. [---] I give unto my daughter Anne twenty pounds. I [---] I give unto my son John Weadley [some]? sheep and a [----]. [----] I give the rest my goods my debts payd and my funerall exspenses discharged to my wife and her four children whom I make sole executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal. Henery Weadley. witnesses Heneri Richardson George Richardson. THIS WILL WAS PROVED ATT LONDON before the judges for probate of wills and granting administrations this second day of march one thousand six jundred and fifty six by the oath of Joseph Weadley the son and one of the executors named in the said will to whom was committed Administration of all and singular the goods chattells and debts of the deceased being first & ------- ------ of a Commision. A note by the side of the photocopy which I have of the original says different act in the act book.