Collinson's buried in York Cemetery 1900-1950

York Cemetery                  
Burial No. Grave No. Died Buried Name Born Age Trade etc Sex Residence Cause of Death Informant
71402 19532 3-Mar-1908 5-Mar-1908 Freda Ruth Collinson Feb-08 2 weeks Dau of J. Collinson F Haleys Terrace Convulsions George H. Bell, Neville Terrace
71711 19458 12-Jun-1908 15-Jun-1908 Joseph Collinson 1846 62 Labourer M Workhouse Heart Disease Edwin Dickinson, 54 Navigation Rd
72638 11635 8-Apr-1909 12-Apr-1909 Jullia Collinson 1828 81 Widow F Clifford Near Boston Spa Senile Decay Joseph Coupland
86073 20324 2-Dec-1920 4-Dec-1920 James Arthur Collinson Oct-20 2 Months Son of Edith Mary Collinson M Workhouse Convulsions J. Vary
89165 12262 16-Feb-1924 20-Feb-1924 Jane Collinson 1848 76 Wife of Randolph Collinson F 34 Fairfax St Bronchitis Cross & Son, Colliergate
92966 4087B 22-Jan-1928 25-Jan-1928 Robert Collinson 1865 63 Groom M 26 Melbourne St Not Given H. Atkin & Son, Whitby Terrace
94896 8231C Childs Grave 20-Feb-1930 24-Feb-1930 Sylvia Marie Collinson Jan-30 1 Month Dau of Ernest Collinson F 129 Tang Hall Lane Not Given W. Wainman, 4 Foss Islands Rd
105160 10612 Park D 20-Jan-1941 23-Jan-1941 John Henry Collinson 1862 79 Retired M Lyndhurst, Mill Hill, Huntington Not Given H. Wetherill, 104 The Mount
109842 4087B 11-Aug-1946 14-Aug-1946 Maria Collinson 1865 81 Widow (of Robert C. Groom??) F 26 Melbourne St Not Given J. R. Lidwell