Butterworth's buried in York Cemetery 1900-1950

York Cemetery                    
Burial No. Grave No. Died Buried Name Born Age Trade etc Sex Residence Cause of Death Informant
96021 5068B 30-Mar-1931 4-Apr-1931 William Butterworth 1863 68 Painter M 30 Wrays Yard, Lower Wesley Place Not Given Albert Murray Bigh (?) Hill Snr
99956 8239C Childs Grave 14-Jul-1935 17-Jul-1935 Alice Butterworth Apr-30 5yr 3 month Daughter of George Butterworth F 110 Lucas Ave Not Given J. Rymer
111941 20885 21-Jan-1949 25-Jan-1949 Rose Ann Butterworth 1876 73 Widow F 17 St Phillips Grove Not Given J. Rymer
112154 6541 Park C 16-Jan-1950 19-Jan-1950 Lewis Butterworth 1880 70 Retired M 90 Ambrose St Not Given Whitby C. Oliver & Sons