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The Bulmer Family of York 1900 - 1100

13 Oct 2004: I have posted a reply to a number of emails received over the last two days from Margaret Lynnes. Click here to view my message.

This is a pedigree of all the Bulmers in my Ancestry. They are principally from York from 1900 back to about 1690. Before then, they start to branch out in to the County of Yorkshire as a whole. One line of descendants moves over to Rothwell, and there is quite a descendancy over that way.The only possible link which I would like some more proof on is regarding Thomas Bulmer Born 1640, and whether he is truly the Father of Thomas Bulmer who was born 1669 in Oswaldkirk. There is some proof apparently out there, but I have yet to receive a copy of it. So trusting that source, I have put this small tree together, so that people can email me and help me fill in the generations.

Assuming the link between the two Thomas Bulmers is correct, then ultimately the Bulmer family or rather some of the line that marry into the Bulmer family end up descending from the Kings and Queens of England & Scotland, and hence into Europe as well. I have not put all of these on, simply because there is not much information past 1100 or so, other than a name of a King. Siblings are not well recorded this far back, and wives are rarely mentioned, so I have left them off this tree. There are plenty of other people who have added this part of royalty onto their sites, but I have chosen not too, as that would distract me from trying to sort out the accuracy of the Bulmer line, which is my principle desire in this part of my family.

3 May 2004: I have found an interesting link about the nationwide distribution of the Bulmer name at the time the 1881 Census was taken. Click here to view it. There are quite a few other surnames included in the site, just click on the home page button to find out more.

19 Sep 2002: This is a more up to date file than what has been on this site recently. It now includes more details on the Layng family, there are about 100 descendants of William Wright Layng now added. :)

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