Learn more about the Latter Day Saints Family Tree of the Bickerdike Family of Wigginton, Brafferton and York, Yorkshire, England

The Bickerdike Family of York, Wigginton, and Brafferton, in the County of Yorkshire, England.

7 Jan 2005: I have put a new Bickerdike Family tree on to my site. You can view it here. It does not as yet connect to this tree, but hopefully there is a connection somewhere. If you know of anything that could help point us in the right direction, please email me and I will get this updated etc.

The Bickerdikes are related to a branch of my Bulmer Family Tree. Joseph Bulmer born 1867 in York married Charlotte Bickerdike. She came from Wigginton near York, as did her family for a few generations. This Joseph Bulmer is a Grandson of my 4 x Great Grandfather Andrew Bulmer born 1812 in York.

If you have any information that can enlarge this family, or help me be more accurate, I would greatly appreciate it. I will happily put images on as well.

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