Below are extracts from the will of Famcis Bulmer Snr born 1746 in York and brother of Samuel Bulmer, Brass Founder of Walgate, York.

This can be found on a microfilm [Number unsure] Folio 219 at the Borthwick Institute of Historical Research, in York. This is a summary, and also , some of the language is written by me to make it flow easier. Francis earned his living and fortune as a butter factor in York. He was obviously successful!


This is the last will and testament of me, Francis Bulmer Snr, Gent, of York, written 11 Nov 1834.

I bequeath to my 3 sons, William, George, and John Bulmer 1000 each. The executors of my will are my said 3 sons.

Mention is made of his Daughter Mary who appears to be able to decide who gets any monies from Trusts which were to be set up.

A share of some monies is to go to the children of his son Francis Jnr, unless of course they die before the age of 21 years. Then the money will go into a trust for the others to share, once they attain the age of 21 years.

A granddaughter called Frances Helen [Layng] is to receive 200

A granddaughter called Elizabeth Ann Roddam is to receive 200

A granddaughter called Helen Horseman Tate [?] is to receive 200

He forgives and remits to his daughter Phoebe Roddam the sum of 1000 and all interest at his decree.

His daughter Jane Clarkson is to receive the interest on the 1500 earned.....

She is also to receive 500 to share with her children once they attain the age of 21 years.

Also, Cicely Newsham Bulmer has married into the family, though I do not recall if she received anything.

There is also mention made of two grandchildren, Thomas Francis Layng, and Frances Helen Layng.

200 to go to his grandson John Bulmer

100 to each of the other 5 grandchildren:

Mary Bulmer, Helen Bulmer, Henry [Herman] Bulmer, Phebe Bulmer and Emma Bulmer

His daugther Phoebe Roddam also gets an additional 500.

His son James Bulmer to receive 200 as does his son George Bulmer.

William, George and John Bulmer are to receive a further 500.

Mention is made of his son Francis's wife Elizabeth [full name Elizabeth Frances Clarke]

His Esteemed friend William Vollans, Wine Merchant, to receive 19 Guineas [1 Guinea = 1 1s in old money, which is equivalent to 1.05 today, but which was a large amoount of money back in 1835!]

To his Servant Richard Howard, now in the service of his son John Bulmer, 10.

And to John Bickerdike, now in the service of his son William Bulmer, 10 [ I wonder if he is related to Charlotte Bickerdike who married Joseph Bulmer??]

William Bulmer, his son, is to purchase the House, and Garden Stable and Coach house for 600.

Will proved 7 Oct 1835